Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Green Tea Party?

Back in April, Carl Lindemann and Jared Goyette at PRI (Public Radio International) gave a brief account of an active, pro-renewable energy faction of the Tea Party. Given as how the right-wing has now demonstrated its political muscle again I thought I'd present it. Speaking as a liberal, I've always resented the fact that renewable energy is generally presented as a liberal cause. Any way that we can recruit some of the conservatives to help with this would be great.
It's now clear that Dooley was on to something. Solar energy can allow a family to transform their home into a self-sufficient power plant with the addition of a few panels on the roof. This appeals to conservative ideals of self-reliance, free from interference from Big Government or even Big Corporations.
Link: The 'green' Tea Party fights for a more environmentally friendly GOP

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