Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It Came From Outer Space (electricity, that is)

Michelle Z. Donahue at Smithsonian.com has a very interesting article about the latest efforts to put solar collectors into space. Frankly this idea rings my sci-fi loving bell, and rings it hard. I really hope these people are on to something.

Mankins and others estimate the total cost for developing, building, launching and assembling all the components of a space-based solar power plant is on the order of $4 to $5 billion—a fraction of the $28 billion price tag on China’s Three Gorges Dam. Mankins estimates a working scale model with full-sized components could be had for $100 million. By comparison, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s recently completed Watts Bar nuclear plant took 43 years to build, from start to stuttering finish, and cost $4.7 billion all told.

Link: What's Next For Solar Energy? How About Space

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