Monday, November 21, 2016

Germany Pushes Past Trump

Perhaps as a reaction to the election of Donald Trump, Germany has presented a new and more detailed plan for how it will achieve a renewable energy economy by 2050. Think about that for a minute; It's only 34 years away. My nieces and nephews will live to see it. Bob Berwyn at InsideClimate News has the story.
The Klimaschutz 2050 plan envisions a carbon-neutral Germany by 2050, a longstanding target. But for the first time, it gets specific. The plan details how much each sector of the economy will reduce emissions to meet the intermediate goal of a 55 percent carbon reduction in the next 15 years. In previous climate plans, there were no goals for transportation and agriculture, but now all major polluters will have to pull their weight, German officials said.

Link: Germany Reasserts Climate Leadership

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