Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Clean, Fresh Air of Los Angeles

Great news from the state Energy Commission: they are kicking in money to fund the building of 28 new hydrogen refueling stations in California. Combined with the nine existing stations, and the 17 currently under construction, this will give California a total of 54 hydrogen stations, which is more than half way to the Commission's goal of having 100 stations across the state by 2020. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are zero-emission vehicles, so if we can make them practical for general use, then we will have made a huge advance towards bringing global warming under control.

More, we will have made a huge advance towards reducing California air pollution in general. Radically reducing California's general smog and air pollution would not be a small thing. The American Lung Association has released a list of the ten American cities with the worst air quality, and California has seven out of the top ten. But knowing that California is moving towards hydrogen fuel cell cars lets me imagine driving into Los Angeles in the summer and looking at a clean, fresh, blue sky, rather than the current experience that we are all too familiar with. It's a sweet dream and it's something that we could actually reach.

But no, wait. Our real estate prices are already sky high because California is already just too damned beautiful. Maybe we should hold on to the smog?

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