Thursday, July 5, 2012

Verizon Might Be On To Something

So Verizon is accusing the FCC of "confiscation without compensation" for trying to impose net neutrality? The easy solution to that problem is to just go ahead and nationalize the Internet ISP networks. Confiscate them, but with compensation. Then we could manage the Internet like we manage the roads, offering access to everyone. Unlike the roads, we should probably charge everyone the average cost of provision, but we'd still come out much better than we are now.

I realize that nationalization has a zero political chance of happening any time soon but, seriously, this is how you settle the whole net neutrality problem. Stop agonizing and squabbling over how to regulate these jerks and just run the Internet as government owned infrastructure. That's the answer, and no matter how unlikely it is that we'll get to the best solution, all of our discussions about net neutrality ought to start with acknowledging what the best solution is.

Inside Verizon’s attack on network neutrality — Tech News and Analysis

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